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6 x Pairs of mirrored iD stickers with your choice of country flag! a.k.a “Hoist the Sail”

12 x personalised self adhesive stickers in total, laminated with either a gloss or a matte finish for extra UV protection as well as additional scratch & wear protection.

Available Selections: (Default settings in bold)

  • Standard Sizes: ( 12 mm x  60 mm / 10 mm x 50 mm / 8 mm x 40 mm ) By default, we supply one pair of each size. Other sizes available upon request.
  • Styles: S1, S2; S3; S4; S5; S6; S7; Other (email us your preference)
  • Colour Scheme: Black-on-White; White-on-Black; 50 / 50; Other (email us your preference)




Your stickers will be home grown on the East Rand, in Sunny South Africa. You don’t have to do the exchange rate math from $ / € / £  and wait a couple of weeks for them to find a spot on a boat or plane to get to you, no Visa required. (Well, we accept Visa, Mastercard & Direct EFT’s, Ozow, Yoco Payments even Cash!).

Our standard preparation time ranges between 48 -72 hours from where your “exchange fee” in ZAR’s reflect in our account, however, we would probably start on your design shortly after receiving your order. We prefer to send you a proof of your design before actually running the prints.

If you don’t see your beloved flag on the list! You are in luck, we will offer you a 10% discount off your next purchase in exchange for using you as that country’s ambassador. Call it Royalty fees. We really wanted to create all the flags in one go, but somehow the idea of a record of “the countries we have printed” sounded like a cooler idea! Why be Normal?

Our selection process could get complicated, so we have preselected some default values.

We are unfortunately unable to offer free delivery on this product, as our courier actually charges more for a delivery than we sell this product at. Adding the shipping fee to the price and “conning” you into a Free” shipping crossed our minds, but… Hu-Uh!

You do however receive a R20.00 discount for doubling up on our Flag iD Mini Package on this offer. Congratulations! Great choice, may we say so!

Collection(s) at our premises, or at Finish Line Cycles will be FREE!

This is a value pack for those with a couple of bikes, or a family deal, yes! we will split the names on this one, as long as they remain in pairs, laminating choice cannot be split unfortunately.

Based on the original “Hoist the Sail” offering. Read all about it in the description below if you fancy a giggle at start-up sales pitches.



Hoist the Flag / Sail

Definition: To raise a Flag or Sail to its highest position on a pole (In our case we have a couple of locations on pipes / poles available to display our flags)

You are the Patriotic type, maybe a provincial champion, or competitor / racer, proud of your heritage. Maybe you just want to look like a Pro, or be cooler than your cycling buddy, who knows. But what we do know, is that you have choices, plenty of them, and if you still cannot find anything that blows your hair back, drop us a email with an example of what you might have in mind and we will ask our minions to have a go at making your vision come to life. ( This may be a little investment on your side but won’t break the bank ! )

What do we have on offer for some of your hard-earned cash you may ask? Well, at fraction of the cost of a new tyre, our personalized, durable vinyl stickers should outlast your tyre, unless you really want to rub it every day like the Genie’s lamp, washing the decal with strong abrasive cleaning solvents or trying to pressure wash them on that sand blasting setting. That could probably cause some harm to it as well, but so will it to the frame itself.

We only use 3 years + vinyl with industrial inks and have a couple of stickers still going strong past their 2 – year birthdays on our personal bikes. We can always slap some additional UV protection to your stickers (in the form of a liquid laminate), just to seal in those colourful juices even more, if you are known to have an abusive relationship with your ride.

EDITED: We obtained our special equipment earlier than planned, and happy to announce that lamination is now a standard feature (for FREE on this package).

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Mixed: 12 x 60 mm ; 10 x 50 mm ; 8 x 40 mm, All 12 mm x 60 mm, All 10 mm x 50 mm, Other Size

Text / Background

Black-on-White, White-on-Black, 50/50 (Black & White), Other (email us your preference)


S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, Other


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